Donors help us fill the learning gap

Thanks to our donors, we've been able to provide students with a means to re-engaging with their education. Partnering with us will equalize education, reduce e-waste levels and enhance your reputation for being an active contributor to our initiative. Get started today!
This is IT has made a significant impact by distributing over 800 1000 laptops to students in the City of Casey. Of these, 550 laptops were generously donated by the City of Casey. These devices have reached students across 16 government schools within the city.

The effects of this initiative are far-reaching:

  • Re-engagement: Students who previously faced barriers due to lack of access now have the
    tools they need to actively participate in their education.
  • Completion and Pathways: Equipped with laptops, students can complete assignments,
    explore educational resources, and pave the way for their future endeavors.
  • The impact of such giving extends beyond the immediate term, leaving a lasting impression
    on the educational journey of these young learners.

Key supporters and donors

In the last financial year we introduced a sponsorship model to better recognize and thank our key supporters and sponsors. Platinum, Gold and Silver supporters are separated into those that have provided financial support and those providing support through the donations of laptops and other devices.
Providing more than $50,000 in support, or in-excess of 250 laptops over two years.
City of Casey
Macpherson Kelley
South East Business Networks
Providing between $20,000 and $49,999 in support, or 100 - 249 laptops over two years.
City of Kingston
Providing between $10,000 and $19,999 in support, or  50 - 99 laptops over two years.
Kirkwood Scott Family

All of these organisations make our mission possible

Clear Technology

Motivated to help our cause?

Your business can make a massive difference for secondary school students.
Students collecting their new laptops